Nestled in the hills to the south of Cyprus’ capital Nicosia, Lefkara is a truly captivating village renowned for its silverware art and traditional lace embroidery, the world-acclaimed “Lefkaritika”.

This unique handmade lace was included in UNESCO’s representative List of Intangible CultureHeritage of Humanity in 2009. According to legend, the village was visited in 1481 by Leonardo daVinci who purchased a lace cloth for the main altar of the Duomo of Milano. The village takes its name from the white (lefka) of its silica and limestone rocks (ori). It features picturesque architecture and charming cobbled streets, in which tourists from all around the globe can admire local women working on their fine embroidery as they have done for centuries. Beautiful Lefkara lace as well as silver handicrafts can be purchased at attractive prices directly from their creators. 

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