Kourion is an absolute must-see site set on a high cliff overlooking a curved bay along the southern coast of Cyprus, 18 km from Limassol.

Aside from its breath-taking views and the paragliding and kite activities on offer, this spectacular area, which was an important kingdom in ancient times, is ripe with archaeological monuments: the majestic private residence of Eustolios, a wealthy Roman, paved with mosaics and decked with numerous Christian symbols; the impressive baths constructed by Eustolios; the House of Achilles with its magnificent mosaic depicting Achilles disguised as a woman but inadvertently revealing his identity to Odysseus; the House of Gladiators, which also boasts well-preserved mosaics floors showing two gladiators in combat; the Nymphaeum, an elegant Roman structure dedicated to female nature deities (nymphs); and an early Christian Basilica.

However, the most imposing monument of the area is the fabulous crescent-shaped amphitheatre originally built in the 2nd century BC. What we see today dates from the Roman period with additions and restorations carried out during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. This construction is thought to have hosted gladiatorial games. Nowadays, it has been largely restored and can accommodate around 3,500 people for open-air musical and theatrical performances. If you have the opportunity to watch a Shakespearean play in the curved auditorium, with the azure Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, it is guaranteed to be a magical experience. 

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