Museum of the Ship “Saint George”

This museum, located just 700 meters from Sunny Hill Hotel, hosts the memorable ship that sailed from Greece to the coast of Chloraka in January 1954, in order to bring ammunition for the Cypriot Independence Struggle against the British Colonial Administration. 

Although its crew was arrested and the mission failed, this event fanned the flames of the independence movement, and soon all over the island, Cypriots demanded that their island be united with Greece and freed from the oppressive British rule. The family who owns Sunny Hill Hotel is extremely proud of one of its relatives, the late beloved Christakis Evzonas, one of seven brave fighters for Independence. Evzonas hid for many nights awaiting the ship’s cargo, only to be caught and incarcerated by the British authorities.

After been sold by the British in a public auction and bought by the then mayor of Paphos, the “Saint George’ was placed in a museum in the coastal site of Aliki, 1,500 metres south from where it had gone ashore, in Rodafinia. The structure was built in 1968 to honour the memory of the Cypriot Independence Struggle, and funded by Princess Zina Kanther de Tyras, one of the largest benefactors of Cyprus. The museum was restored in 1994 and expanded in 2004 with an additional department.

In the same site, 200 metres away from the beach where the military guerrilla leader Georgios Grivas Digenis disembarked, one can immerse oneself in history while visiting the charming Saint George chapel, built by Princess Zina Kanther to honour Grivas. It stresses the religious faith that inspired the Cypriot fighters, along with the yearning for freedom and liberty, during the 1955-59 struggles, and throughout the island’s history.

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