Saint Neophytos Monastery

Lying in a wooded canyon about 10 km northwest of Paphos, the Monastery of Saint-Neophytos will enchant any visitor looking for peace and tranquillity.

Situated at an altitude of 516 metres, the location offers a spectacular view over the city, while the  scenery all along the itinerary is simply captivating. The history of the monastery is well documented in the autobiography of its founder, the hermit and scholar Neophytos, who, despite his fame as a teacher, always desperately sought solitude and seclusion.

The cave housing Neophytos’ cell, an enclosure that he carved in the rocky mountain with his own hands, contains some of the finest Byzantine frescoes. These were made by the renowned painter Theodor Apseudis under the supervision of a monk who had also dug out his own tomb, with a fresco of the Resurrection above it. The tomb was opened in 1750, and the hermit’s bones used as relics. Pilgrims can now see them in the more recent monastery church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, where they are housed in a silver reliquary. In the same area, one can admire some fine Byzantine icons. 

The monastery, which is nowadays inhabited by a handful of monks, also houses an interesting museum displaying collections of icons and other ecclesiastical artefacts.

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